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Welcome to ALF: Frozen Chaos, my submission for the 2021.2 Brackey's Game Jam. This is a space shooter that controls very similarly to games like Xevious, but with a twist. In this game, you can freeze time itself! When you're in a pinch or facing a strong enemy, you can freeze them in place and fire away. Can you secure the other gems and claim victory?

The way my game fits into the game jam's theme is both in gameplay and music. When making the game, I made sure that there wasn't a single relaxing moment. There are no pauses and no safety from your enemies. Not only that, I also kept the theme chaotic when creating the music for the game. With speedy, heavy beats I was able to enhance the chaos that was already there. Even though I didn't get to finish the whole game in time, I'm still glad I have a build that I can call a complete demo of what the game will look like when finished. Thanks to everyone who participated din the jam, and thank you for playing!

Everything in this game, art coding, and music was done by me from scratch. Art was made in Aseprite and Piskel, music was made in SoundTrap, and coding was done in ClickTeam Fusion 2.5


Arrows: Move

Z: Activate Gem (Freeze Time)

X: Shoot


ALF Frozen Chaos Download 42 MB

Install instructions

1. Download file

2. Launch .exe

3. Play

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